The Sunshine Coast PND Centre was established in 2007 to meet the needs of women on the Sunshine Coast who are suffering from Postnatal depression and /or anxiety.  Three separate services are provided to ensure that the unique needs of women are met in a professional, non-judgemental and caring manner:


  • INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING for women suffering from perinatal anxiety and depression.  This service is provided at the Sunshine Coast Psychology Clinic and PND Centre at Maroochydore. Under the government Better Access to Mental Health program, you will be eligible to receive a Medicare Rebate if your GP provides you with a Mental Health Care Plan for both group and individual treatment sessions.


  • A POSTNATAL DEPRESSION SUPPORT GROUP which will provide women with psychological group intervention for 8 weeks, 2 hours a week.  The course will be facilitated by Lisa Lindley and Rachel Allan on Tuesday afternoons at Lifepointe Baptist Centre every school term.


  • A MOTHERS SUPPORT GROUP for women who have completed the 8 week course and wish to remain in touch.  This mothers group and morning tea will be held every Tuesday morning at Lifepointe Baptist Centre.

SCPC offers Telehealth Services to allow people living in rural, remote and regional Australia areas to access psychological services by video conferencing, both with individual counselling and group sessions. This can negate the need to travel significant distances, whilst allowing access to our specialist psychologists. Please contact the clinic to discuss the conditions necessary to access a Medicare rebate for these video conferencing services.