5 Tips On What To Do With All This Baby Advice

what to do with all this baby advice

When you have a baby for the first time, everyone wants to give you advice.  Sometimes this is welcome and reassuring however for many new parents they may find so much conflicting advice overwhelming.  In addition to well-meaning friends and family you also have books, magazines, websites, blogs, and Apps that want to give you advice. Parenting forums…

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ADHD: Myths vs. Facts

In my work as a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, I often undertake attention assessments with children, and this sometimes results in a diagnosis of ADHD. When I provide feedback to children and parents, I often find that people hold mistaken beliefs about ADHD that make it even more difficult to adjust to the diagnosis and…

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What Causes Panic Attacks?

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If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know that it can be a terrifying experience. While symptoms vary, they can include: Pounding or racing heart Sweating Trembling or shaking Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering Feeling of choking Chest pain or discomfort Nausea or abdominal pain Chills or heat Numbness or tingling Weakness,…

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Do PND Support Groups Work?

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Since 2007, I have facilitated 35 PND (perinatal anxiety/depression) support groups. The eight-week program encompasses evidence-based psychological interventions,including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relaxation techniques, problem solving and communication skills, which seek to improve perinatal mental health for women who are suffering from depression and/or anxiety after the birth of their baby. There is an additional…

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How to Use Time-Out

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As a child psychologist, I frequently assist parents to learn effective ways of managing their children’s difficult behaviour. Invariably, when I ask parents what strategies they have used, I am told: “We’ve tried time-out. It doesn’t work.” There is some truth to this – not every strategy will work for every child and it is important…

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